Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Mend It Better

I can't sew. 
Not at all. 
I don't even attempt to sew on a button. 
The closest I've come to sewing since seventh grade home ec class was last year when I successfully used no-sew tape to make a "hemmed" edge on a big piece of fabric to use as a tablecloth for my craft show display.  I felt quite proud of myself.  Sad, huh?
And yet, I am fascinated by sewing.  I admire those who can create something with needle, thread, and fabric.  Because I know it is not something I will ever be able to do. 
I know how to thread a needle and I can do a simple, stab-stitch binding to make books.  Any fancy kind of stitch binding (think coptic) escapes me every time I attempt it.  I've actually broken a needle before.  Which totally befuddled my teacher, Kay. 

But, I think there may be a ray of hope for me.  Here it is:

Mend It Better by Kristin M. Roach

This is an awesome book, written by the multi-talented Kristin Roach.  If her name is familiar to you, maybe you've visited her fantastic blog & website, Craft Leftovers (  I met Kristin last year at Market Day when she purchased one of my journals, and was kind enough to blog about it afterwards.  This year, Kristin is one of the vendors at Market Day.  I was super-excited to get my hands on her book, even though I don't sew. 

First of all, it's just a gorgeous book.  From the pretty cover till the last page.  It's filled with great photos.  I like photos.  I looked through the photos a few times before I sat down to actually read.  Then I was delighted that the words were just as good as the photos.  There is a lot of information in this book.  Inspiring information.  There's some history of sewing, and Kristin tells us how about the role sewing has played in her life.  I like to learn about how and why people become makers of stuff.  Then there is lots of good info about sewing tools and some basics, and then there are all kinds of great projects in the book.  I know that I likely won't attempt  many of them (for safety reasons!), but there are some projects that I think I might be able to accomplish.  Which is mainly because Kristin and the other contributors provide good instructions.  Good instructions are always important in a how-to book, but they are especially important for the clumsy novice such as myself.  The combination of instructions and photos in this book might just help me get over my fear of sewing.  And that is no small feat. 

This book is not just for the clumsy novice, though; I think that creative sewers will love it too. 

If you want to get your hands on this book, visit for more info.  You can get it in stores and online.  Or, you can visit Kristin this Saturday at Market Day, and get yourself an autographed copy (what could be better?).  We'll be at the Kirkwood in downtown Des Moines (corner of 4th & Walnut) from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m.  (visit for more info).

Happy Mending!

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