Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Around here: a little work, a little play

May is a busy month.  We are busy doing lots of different things:
Watering flowers and watching them grow.
Picking flowers. Okay, technically I think these are weeds, but Jacob and the neighbor boy think they are flowers, and they picked them for me, so flowers they are.  As I was snapping a few pics, Jacob told his friend: "I'm gonna get a lot for Mama."  So sweet. 
I picked up some new papers at ephemera recently.  They have some awesome new stuff.  I've already used all of these and they are wonderful.  I was pretty happy to find my favorite green velvet-flocked paper on the rack at ephemera, which means I can buy it locally at one of my favorite shops.  Incidentally, I just delivered a bunch of my journals to ephemera yesterday, as inventory was low.  Always a pleasure doing business with Arin and Karen.  Stop in and say hi next time you're in the East Village.  You will find their delightful, wonderful shop at 505 E. Locust. 
I work at home.  And so does Jacob.  The other morning he put on his hard hat and grabbed his tools, and he was ready to go.  Apparently when you're three, you can also work in your underwear. 
Last week Jacob and I took a little road trip to Iowa Falls.  A while back, I'd told him all about the swinging bridge, and of course, he didn't forget about it.  So we went.  And we had a great time.  First we stopped in Alden at a sweet park right on the Iowa River, the same one my grandpa and I used to go to.  They had some great new play equipment, but I was happy to see that the old swings that I used to swing on were still there.  Grandpa and I drove the five miles just to go to that park because there were often ducks on the river bank and those swings have long chains so I could go really high. 
In Iowa Falls, our first stop was the swinging bridge.  I remember going across it before they fixed it up and reinforced it--it was really pretty creaky and I was truly scared that it would break and I'd end up in the river.  Now, of course, it is safe to walk on, but I still felt a tiny bit nervous, I have to admit.  Not Jacob.  He marched right across that bridge as if he did it every day.  We hit two more parks in Iowa Falls, took a walk uptown and checked out what's new and what's the same (the Princess Cafe is now the Princess Grill & Pizzeria; the Red Rooster cafe is still open--thank goodness!) and then we went to Union Cemetery to decorate the graves of my great-grandmother and her siblings.  And of course, we had to stop for milkshakes before heading home.  All in all, a great day.  May is a great month for road trips, I think.  And just for playing, in general. 

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