Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Market Day love & gratitude

Saturday was the first Market Day of 2012 and it was awesome.  Like, seriously awesome.  I was really busy, had great sales, met new customers and returning customers, and had fun catching up with fellow crafty vendors, some of whom I haven't seen since last year. 
Here are a few (admittedly poor-quality) photos I managed to snap:
This is my table at some point during the day.  I was pretty amazed that I actually remembered to 1. Bring my camera and 2. Take a few photos.  Usually I completely forget!

A glimpse of the hubub from my table location in the Kirkwood Lobby. 
That's DaniAWESOME's booth, Dani in the middle and Kristin Roach, author of the just-released fabulous book, Mend It Better, on the right.  I'll be posting more about Kristin's book soon!
Mimibird's awesome booth.  Read on for more about Mimi. 
It's always great to see Market Day regulars who attend each and every Market Day.  And it's great to see lots of new people who are just discovering Market Day for the first time.  We had over 2100 people attend on Saturday.  The Market Day team somehow manages to keep one-upping themselves, though I don't know how!  Thanks to Cat, Dani, Scott, and Laura for making this event possible. 

And a big thank you to my buddy Jason of Pajama Love (www.pajamalove.etsy.com) for his help on Saturday.  While his wonderful wife, Jody, was doing their booth set-up and take-down, Jason was kind enough to help me unload and then pack up.  Such a treat to have help and I truly appreciate it!  That's just the kind of nice stuff that fellow vendors will do. 

My friend Mimi Solum of mimibird (you can find her on etsy!) is back at Market Day this year and I wish I had thought to snap photos of her stuff.  Because it is really, really great.  Mimi is a versatile artist and you can find more of her art beginning this Friday at the Rasmussen Center Gallery at Grand View University here in Des Moines:
I am planning to attend because I love her work, and I think you should too.  If you can't make it to the opening on Friday night, the exhibition will be up through August 3.  The Rasmussen Center Gallery is located at 2800 E. 14th Street here in Des Moines. 

Next up for me is a visit to Grimes this Saturday, where I'll be joining Kim Hutchinson of Jbirdstitch, Lisa of Abba's Hand Mosaics and Kari of Sweet William at New Morning Coffee House & Wine Bar for their Mother's Day open house.  9 a.m. to noon.  A great chance to shop and enjoy your morning coffee as well!  Also a good way to find a unique, handmade gift for your mom.  Or yourself.  Come and see us!

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