Friday, August 1, 2014

Hybrid Journal

I'm definitely a creature of habit, and sometimes that's a good thing.  I have a method for making journals that I usually stick with--because it works.  But it's always good to try new things and experiment, especially when it comes to making things.  I've been busy making new journals for Market Day tomorrow, but I did try something a bit different with one journal I was putting together yesterday:
This journal is made from a 1927 book, The Art of Dressmaking. The back cover also has the title printed on it and is identical to the front cover, which is rather unusual.  I chose one of my favorite papers for the inside covers:
I had a few pretty iridescent pearl envelopes left in my envelope stash so I decided to use those for pockets.  I had three of them so I thought I'd use all three: one in the front, one in the middle, and one in the back.  I included a few pages from the original book at the front of the journal.  The pages were yellowing, but still in good shape despite their age. 
I put blank white paper in almost all the journals I make to sell at shows.  Once in a while I do get orders for lined pages.  Lined paper is great, for sure--but it's not readily available here in Des Moines and it is considerably more expensive than the blank white artist paper that I use in my journals.  Also, it comes in much smaller sizes, and so it just won't work with every size of book cover that I get my hands on, as I trim the paper to fit the book cover.  But as I was getting ready to cut the pages for this particular journal it occurred to me that the lined paper would work for this cover and that I had just enough lined paper on hand to use for this particular journal.  Then I thought, why not include some blank white pages as well?  So I did.  I used white drawing paper instead of artist's paper because it's not quite so thick, which would allow me to include more pages in this journal than I usually do.  The result is a combination journal and sketchbook with three envelope pockets:  lined paper for lists and journaling,  blank pages for sketches & more.  The best of both worlds. 

Thanks for looking!  If you're out & about in Des Moines tomorrow, please stop downtown and visit Market Day at the Kirkwood (4th & Walnut) from 8 a.m. until 1 p.m.  You'll find me in the lobby and I guarantee you'll find a whole bunch of awesome handmade & vintage goodness there.  We'd love to see you!