Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Window Work

Last week a good friend who is also an amazing artist generously shared some of her window collection with me.  They are some of the best salvaged windows I've come across and very inspiring so thought I'd share:
I love old-fashioned windows with panes like this one.  The moment I saw this window I knew what I would do with it--and I love that quick flash of inspiration.  The lovely pink floral background is a lotka paper that I've also been using in some journals and it is a dream to work with.  I think it sets off this window perfectly. This window measures 24 inches wide by 23.75 inches long.

Next up is likely the largest window I've ever done, at 57" tall and 23.75' wide.

Love the black window frame--not something you come across too often!  I think it's perfect with the book pages background.  Very happy with how both of these turned out!

On a side note, I'm often asked what kind of glue I use on these window collages.  I've used a few different kinds but a couple of years ago I discovered Martha Stewart Decoupage Glue at Michael's and it is my favorite.  Easy to apply and dries nice and clear without brushstrokes.  Gel medium and Mod Podge also work fine, but I love Martha's glue best!

Both of these will be available in my booth this Saturday morning at the Downtown Des Moines Farmers' Market.  You can find me on 4th Street north of Court Avenue;if you're there, stop by and say hello!

Friday, July 8, 2016

Forties Finds: More Vintage Pattern Loveliness

Hello!  Blogging definitely takes a backseat in the summer, but a few sweet patterns from the 1940s that recently found their way into my hands inspired me to share.  These are harder to come by and so therefore all the more precious.  Here's one that would be perfect for summer:
This is Simplicity 2511, copyright 1948.  The envelope has long since come apart, but the illustration is still beautiful.  I love version 1, don't you?  So sweet and flattering.  Amazingly, this pattern is complete and the tissue is in great condition, despite the poor condition of the envelope.

Next, Simplicity 3088, copyright 1949.  The "one-piece dress" would be nice for summer; I love sleeveless when it's hot.  Notice the pin-tuck front on the bodice.  I can't imagine sewing that, but it sure is pretty!  I was surprised at the good condition of this pattern, despite it's age.  A lucky find!

Last, Simplicity 3087, also copyright 1949; a classic, chic look--the bolero jacket and pencil skirt.  Version 2 looks like something that Joan Crawford would have worn.

As you see, all three of these are Simplicity patterns--those seem to be the most abundant of old patterns available online.  My only complaint about them is that Simplicity didn't always include a copyright date on their patterns until later on.  However, that information is usually available on the vintage pattern wiki, and I'm getting pretty good at guessing the date within a year or two just by looking at the original price and the company logo.

These three are all available in my etsy shop if you're a fan of 40s fashions!