Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The intermittent blogger returns!

Wow, it's been exactly one month since I posted.  It's been pretty busy around here in Papercake world, but that's no excuse.  I've been making lots of stuff, for lots of holiday craft shows.  The blog isn't the only thing that has suffered.  Take, for instance, my November calendar layout, which I threw together yesterday:
I confess that I sort of cheated on this one.  I cut the "give thanks" image right off the front of the latest Paper Source catalog (without their permission, of course!) and stuck it on a piece of scrapbook paper.  Then I added a piece of ribbon (by The Paper Studio) and my last bit of velveteen leaves that I am pretty sure I purchased from Speckled Egg a few years back.  I am waiting patiently for Jacob's school pictures to arrive so I can add a photo of him.  So yes, a rather pathetic calendar.  But, it's done! 

I did make something else this week that I can feel much more proud of: a sign. I decided a sign would be helpful at craft shows, so I rummaged around a bit in the basement/dungeon/studio and found a wooden tray thing that I think I picked up at Goodwill in 2007.  I used to have a calendar tacked to it, but then the helpful corkboard I had adhered fell off.  Back in '07, I was obsessed with painting stuff red.  Now I am obsessed with painting things aqua, so that's what I did.  I also played around with my collection of Scrabble tiles (don't you do that a lot too?) because I thought a few Scrabble tiles might be just the thing to add some dimension.  Here's the result:
As always, excuse my poor photography skills.  I like my sign.  And it's much lighter than the typewriter, plus it won't take up as much table space.  So, when you're out doing the craft show circuit in Des Moines over the next month or two, just look for the sign. 

In between making books and playing with Scrabble tiles, we went Trick or Treating last week:
That's our very own little Sheriff Woody, who recently turned four.  Last year he was Buzz Lightyear.  Naturally he loves Halloween.  He told me that he was sure when he put on his costume that people would think he was a real sheriff.  I'm glad he believes that his costumes are that convincing. 

If you're out and about in Des Moines this weekend, please stop by Beaverdale Holiday Boutique at Holy Trinity School and say hello.  This show has been going on for over thirty years and is a good one.  There's lots of wonderful handmade goodness there.  There will be over 100 crafty vendors there, including me.  Just look for the sign! 

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