Monday, November 19, 2012

100 years ago: Remembering Bud & Bessie

Yesterday would have been my Grandma Sayers' 100th birthday.  And 79 years ago on the same date, she and my Grandpa got married.  They'd only known each for three months when they got hitched.  Apparently everybody told them they were making a big mistake.  They sure proved them wrong.  From what I could see, they had a very happy marriage:
Bud & Bessie, 1933

They spent fifty-two years together, until my grandfather's death in 1985.  Learning to be alone was an adjustment for my grandma, but she did it.  I remember her telling me that one of her friends at the senior center told her she should take off her wedding rings, a few years after my grandpa had been gone.  In no uncertain terms, my grandma explained that she would do no such thing, because in her heart she was still married.  My grandmother was nothing if not straightforward.  I think it runs in the family. 

Happy Birthday, Gram, and Happy Anniversary, too. 

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