Monday, February 27, 2012

He has fun wherever he goes.

And I do mean wherever.  Here's an example:

Can you guess where this photo was taken?  Yes, if you guessed the waiting room at the E.R. late on Saturday night, you were right.  The photo is blurry because Jacob was happily running around, having a great time while we waited for a room to become available so he could get stitches above his right eye.  An unfortunate accident occurred just before bedtime, in which he was hopping like a frog into the bathroom to brush his teeth and he accidentally bumped into the corner of the air-vent register.  When we informed him we would have to go to the hospital, he said: "Not now!  I'll miss 'Yo Gabba Gabba!' (one of his favorite shows on Nick Jr.).  However, once we got to the E.R., Jacob started to enjoy himself.  There was a nice policeman there.  And a table and chairs just the right size for him.  And another little boy his age to play peek-a-boo with.  His injury didn't seem to affect him much at all.  He was full of energy.  Once we got into a room, the staff at Mercy was kind enough to provide him with some dinosaurs to play with:
He loved the dinosaurs.  And the magic bed that moved up and down.  Other than the time spent actually getting the stitches, which involved Mom, Dad, and a nurse holding him down ("Stop doing this to me!!") Jacob had the time of his life at the hospital and did not want to leave when it was finally time to go.  And as I predicted, on Sunday, he asked me if we could go back.  He proudly wore his hospital i.d. bracelet all day Sunday and told the neighbor kids all about the dinosaurs. 
I love his ability to have fun wherever he goes. 

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