Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Thrifted Fabric Sewing

As you may recall, I found a bunch of vintage fabric at a local thrift store earlier this month....

I got busy right away getting it washed, folded, and put away so it would be ready to go when the mood struck.  Last week I tried a modern shirt pattern with some of the vintage polyester: 
I chose version E, and added some length to it so it would be tunic-length ....
I think it turned out fine, but it's rather big for me and I think polyester might not have been the best choice for this pattern (and no doubt why it wasn't one of the recommended fabrics!).  However, it was good practice on neck and armhole facings.  Whether or not I'll actually wear this is debatable.  

This weekend was warm and sunny, which put me in the mood for sewing something summery: 
I love tank tops and wear them all the time when the weather is warm.  This one was created from Simplicity #9930, copyright 1972: 
You can see that version 2 has a very low scoop neck.  So I will simply turn it around and wear it backwards!  There were no facings for the neck and armholes on this so they turned out a bit wobbly, but for a summer tank I won't worry too much about that.  This will work for workout wear and as a swimsuit cover-up.  Here's that low scoop: 
This stripe isn't something I would normally choose, but it's good to have a little variety in my often-monotonous wardrobe.  This project provided more practice in sewing with knits, too.  End result: not perfect, but totally wearable = success!  

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