Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Camelot Style

I mentioned that I've long had a penchant for sixties fashions, especially the charming first part of the decade. Think Jackie Kennedy and Holly Golightly.  When ladies still dressed like ladies, hats and gloves and all.  Please note:  I admire these styles, I don't necessarily wear them all that often....

I'm getting good use out of the ebay app on my phone; this week I bought a lot of 33 patterns from the 1960s.  There were lots of gems in this bunch!  Here are my favorites:

Speaking of Holly Golightly....McCall's # 7002, 1963: Misses' Wardrobe: coat or jacket, dress or top & skirt.
Hats & Gloves Required: Simplicity #3826, no copyright date on pattern; early 1960's
McCall's #7198, from 1964: Misses' dress.  I am going to try sewing this one soon.

This is a Muu Muu: McCall's #6361, 1962.  I think these should make a comeback!  
Classic dresses never go out of style: McCall's #7675, 1965.

There are plenty more goodies to share from this bunch, which I will save for another day.  I'm trying to find out the copyright dates on the undated patterns, so I'll share more soon.  Also, if you are interested in having some vintage patterns for your own collection, I have some good ones available on my etsy shop.  I don't have room to store every pattern that comes into my hands, so the ones that are not in my size (or a size I might conceivably ever be again...) are listed, and I'm adding a few more each day as I sort through the ever-growing stash.  Be on the lookout for some treasures!

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