Sunday, April 3, 2016

Flapper Apron Take 2: Reversible

Not so long ago, I shared my version of the Flapper Apron from the book Sew Retro that I made.  It's the apron that I wear most often.  I like the length and it's comfortable.  I started to think about making another one...and then the idea occurred to me: I could use another print fabric instead of plain white for the lining, and then it would be reversible.  2 aprons in 1!  Without further ado:

And the flip side:

I changed the pattern up just a bit: one large pocket instead of two smaller ones, and I added about an inch in length.  Nothing drastic.  For the neck and waist ties (made oh-so-much easier thanks to a loop turner!), I used the yellow-with-little-pink dots for the neck and pink-with-big-yellow dots for the waist ties; this decision was made for me by the amount of fabric I had left after cutting out the main body of the apron.
I love both of these prints so much!  Pink and yellow is one of my favorite color combinations and both are fabrics I've had for a while; the pink-with-big-yellow dots is one I've used before, and the other fabric is one I picked up last winter when a local fabric shop had a going-out-of-business sale.  It took some sorting through my stash to realize how well they would work together!  When I reorganized my sewing room this winter, I organized my fabric in cubbies where I can see it, and that really gives me inspiration.  I like all my fabric where I can see it.

For now, this is my new favorite apron.

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