Monday, July 2, 2012


My July layouts always get the red, white, and blue treatment.  It just feels like the right thing to do, you know?  This one took about five minutes.  I stuck a piece of plain blue cardstock on the calendar and used the white calendar page as a border.  That velvet-dotted red paper is an old one from Doodlebut Design that I had in my scrap pile, and the polka-dot ribbon is very old; in fact, I think I ripped it off an unsuccessful project and saved it.  And it was the perfect size.  Then I stamped some little blue stars on the blue cardstock using Stayzon Ink.  I like the blue-on-blue effect. 

The photos?  Those are a few we snapped this weekend during our visit to beautiful Winterset, Iowa.  These were taken at the Clark Tower in City Park.  Jacob loved it: "Mom, there's a castle!"  And it is pretty cool.  I can't believe I had never heard about it.  More on Winterset soon, but I will say, I highly recommend a visit there if you are looking for a road trip.  So much to see and do. 

And speaking of so much to see and do, I should mention that this week is full of fun holidays and events, in addition to the important one, Independence Day.  For a certain four silly girls, this week has long been known as Cult Birthday Week.  And then there's a high school reunion happening.  Plus parades and fireworks.  Jacob tells me there will be cake for mommy: "Pink cake, with strawberry ice cream.  And we're going to decorate the whole house.  And there will be train rides for the kids!"  I think my child may have a future as a party planner. 

So, in honor of CBW, here's a photo of me and my girls, the last one of the four of us all together, which I'm sad to say was five years ago:
From left to right: Holle, Jackie, yours truly, and Melissa.  Aka: The Cult. 

And I just realized that posting a photo of myself now versus five years ago doesn't do a whole lot for my vanity, but in the words of Stevie Nicks: "Time makes you bolder, children get older, I'm gettin' older too."  And I'm thankful for it. 

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