Tuesday, June 19, 2012

DIY Recycled Chair

Five years ago this summer, I was out jogging one morning and discovered four chairs sitting on the curb, just about a mile or so away from my house. (Coincidentally, it turns out that these chairs were discarded by my friend Lisa of Abba's Hand Mosaics; I curbed her trash before we ever met.) Obviously I couldn't carry four chairs, so I finished my jog and then drove back in the hubby's monster truck to see if the chairs were still there.  They were.  Just waiting for me, which I took as a sign that they were meant to come home with me.  Which, naturally, did not make the hubby too happy.  My first attempt at repainting one of them was not so successful.  One chair wasn't in such good shape so it ended up in the trash, I think.  A couple sat around in the garage and eventually met the same end. 
But one chair remained.  This is what I did with it.  A few coats of paint to make it pretty.  The chenille pom-pom fabric is a remnant of an old bedspread that belonged to my grandma; I've had it for years and wasn't sure what to do with it, but of course I couldn't throw it away (I still have a good-sized piece left).  As far as recovering the seat, I didn't follow any instructions, I just got out my handy staple gun (love that thing!) and went to work.  I think it turned out all right.  There's another chair waiting for me at my mom's just begging for a makeover.  Stay tuned. 

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