Sunday, April 22, 2012

Is This Heaven? No, it's the book sale!

Twice a year, spring and fall, finds me at the Planned Parenthood book sale over at the fairgrounds.  It is truly my idea of heaven--and judging from the line when the sale opened on Thursday afternoon, it's heaven for quite a few others as well!  I arrived five minutes before opening and there were probably a couple hundred people ahead of me.  Luckily the volunteers moved the line through the doors very quickly and I made a beeline for the vintage section first.  Scored some truly awesome books, a few that I have been looking for.  When this happens I know that karma is working for me.  I tried to be courteous and not pushy in my attempts to look through the books. I confess to being a bit greedy when it comes to getting my hands on old books to turn into journals.  Because every book sale, there's a little bit less to choose from, although of course there are still plenty of treasures. I am very happy with all my finds and have already got a new batch of journals underway. 

Friday afternoon I returned to the book sale to work a volunteer shift and had a great time doing that as well.  It is interesting to see what other folks are buying.  I've volunteered at the book sale before and will definitely do so again.  I am a longtime supporter of Planned Parenthood and am glad to be able to make a small contribution by volunteering.  Because without the book sale, I wouldn't have access to so many great old books all under one roof.  And Planned Parenthood gives access to so many important services that many folks might not be able to afford. 

Today is Sunday, so that  means that everything is half off at the book sale....and tomorrow, everything will be 75% off.  There will still be some great stuff left, so I will probably have to shop again.  You should, too! 

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