Thursday, December 1, 2011

December Daily!

If you're a scrapbooker, you've probably heard of Ali Edwards' December Daily project.  It's a great way to capture your holiday season.  This is the third year I will be doing one.  I really enjoy this project.  I try not to make it too complicated.  What I enjoy most about it is the fact that Jacob enjoys looking at these books and seeing how much he has grown since the previous year.  Here's a look at the two December Daily books I've done:

For 2009 I used a small binder (I think it's by BoBunny) and adhered velvet-flocked paper.  I used a variety of different papers, including the chipboard ones that came with the album, for the inside pages.

2010's book was made from an old book entitled Happy Holidays that was a book sale find.  I used some of the book's pages including the library card pocket that says "Warren County Schools", since we're from Warren County.  The inside pages are a total hodge-podge of different papers that I just grabbed, sometimes because they were whatever was lying on my work table.  I don't get too worried about everything on the inside pages matching--way too much work for me!  For me, the point of these little books isn't creating something that's perfect, but something that shows our life during the month of December. 

This year's book will be different, of course.  I'm going to use a spiral book that I made and see how I like working with that format.  I'll post pictures at the end of the month. 

When the holidays are over, I pack these books away with our Christmas decorations, and don't look at them for nearly a year.  I find it's more fun to look at them again when I haven't seen them for a while.  Then it really strikes me how much Jacob has grown in the last year. 

Happy Holidays!

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  1. You continue to impress with your creativity! This will be so memorable for your family.