Wednesday, December 28, 2011

December Daily update

The gusto I had for this year's little December Daily book has gradually dissipated over the course of the month and here on Dec. 28 I find myself woefully behind on this project.  Here are a few (really bad) photos of some of the pages from earlier this month that I did manage to complete:
My page for December 3 is always going to be about my grandpa, because that was and always will be, his birthday.  And after I finished this page lickety-split, I realized that I used the exact same photo in last year's book.  Which made me think about how much fun I made of an old friend in junior high for wearing the same sweater for school pictures two years in a row.  But, the photo stays.  It's one of my favorites so it's no surprise that I used it again without realizing it.  That's me!
Another super-easy page:I just cut our holiday card to fit the page size and stuck it on there.  Even though I've only put minimal effort into my pages, I am still behind!  Oh well.  I will make some time in the next few days to finish the book. 

What I have learned is that I don't like working with such a small size book that is already bound.  It has made this a little less fun for me.  I've already decided that I'll go with a much bigger size and not bind it all together until it's finished.  Much more fun that way.  Funny how I'm planning for next year when I haven't even finished this year's book.  I'm good at that.  Sometimes the planning is just as much fun as the doing, don't you think? 

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