Saturday, October 6, 2012

Right now.

Today was a great day at Market Day today.  And I can't believe that the next Market Day, the big Black Friday event, is the last one for 2012.   All of a sudden, the day after Thanksgiving doesn't seem so far away!

We went on our very first visit to a pumpkin patch this week. 

I am searching  for vintage dress patterns!  I found some awesome 1940s patterns this week, but I need more.  Got some?  Give me a holler, please!

Getting ready for a big birthday party: Jacob is turning four soon. 

Wondering if I should dare trying to make the birthday cake myself this year.  And attempt to decorate it.   This seems more than a bit risky to me.  What happens if I mess it up and there's no pretty cake for his party!  Would there be a Lightning McQueen cake available somewhere in Des Moines on such short notice?  These are the kind of tough decisions parents have to make.

Thinking ahead about craft shows in other locations that I really want to try for next year.  And how to make it work. 

Hoping  that the replacement part for my corner rounder gets here soon.  Very soon. 

Super-excited for the Planned Parenthood book sale, which starts Thursday.  I've managed to make some room for my book-sale booty ahead of time.  Good thing for the vintage built-in cupboards in our basement. 

That's what I'm thinking about right here, right now.  Now it's time to get back to work. 

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