Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sunday Bazaar and the Blustery Day

The debut of the East Village Sunday Bazaar exceeded all my expectations! Lots and lots of people came to check it out and it was a fun, successful day. Got to meet new people and see a few friends I've been missing. My spot was right next to the gals from Porch Light Antiques (great stuff!) and I learned that their new store, right on East 6th & Grand, will be opening at the beginning of October (can't wait!). Got to chat with some SASS friends, as well as admire the amazing art of Kay Sperry of Sweetwater Studio, listen to good live music, and partake in some people-watching in between taking care of customers. It was great to see how many people showed up! Thanks to Amy Hassebrock of aimee for spearheading this awesome event.
If you missed this Sunday, don't despair, because you have seven more Sundays to get down to East 5th Street (between Walnut & Locust) and check out all the goodies. Noon to four, rain or shine--or wind! And yes, there was a moment or two when I held on to my tent and hoped that it didn't blow away!
(P.S. I was totally going to post photos but something is up with either blogspot or my laptop and I can't get any uploaded right now...so will try to remember to post some real soon!)

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