Sunday, October 3, 2010

Life is busy, life is good....

....another wonderful sunny day today, perfect weather for East Village Sunday Bazaar. Great people, great music, the smell of good food: a perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon. My very first customer today informed me that she had seen a picture of one of my Bingo Books in the Sunday Register today--how exciting! You can check it out in print or online; the article is called "The Art of the Bazaar." That's one of my Bingo Books there, and they even spelled my name right(people have had trouble with that my entire life), and got my etsy shop on there as well. There's also a feature on Market Day in the latest Grand Views, the Grand View University newspaper. I didn't make the print version, but there's a pic of me online in case you want to check it out. Can't beat free publicity! other craft show news, I will be part of Craft Saturday's Holiday Show on Saturday, Nov. 6. It will be at the 4th Street theatre downtown, adjacent to Java Joe's Coffeehouse, on 4th street between Court and Walnut. Craft Saturday was the first show I did this year, back in April, and it was a wonderful time and I am looking forward to it again. There are going to be lots of craft shows and bazaars coming up during the holiday shopping season and they are great opportunities to buy local, handmade gifts for yourself and your loved ones. Or even your not-so-loved one whose name you got in the Secret Santa exchange at the office.

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