Sunday, June 12, 2016

Summer Styles from the 70s

Hello there!  It's been a couple weeks; seems that the lure of the swimming pool on a hot sunny afternoon is more tempting than sitting inside....

...but I did take some time to sit down and sort through more vintage patterns (which ones to keep, which ones to sell) and found some stellar summer styles from the 1970s.  Now, the 70s often get overlooked in terms of fashion, but I find that many of the patterns from the 70s offer very wearable style.  Here are a few that I would totally love to make and wear:
First up, McCall's #5548 from 1977.  I like all of the tops and dresses in this pattern, although version A is a bit too long for me in the humid Iowa summer: experience with long dresses in the summer proves that sweat running down my legs is not a feeling I enjoy.  But the shorter sundress and the strappy tops?  Perfection! This one is a keeper and I'm planning to try versions D and F.

Next, a couple of sweet Simplicity patterns from the early 70s:

 Simplicity #9863, copyright 1972.  I like all four versions, although I think I'm a little too old for a sailor dress, so I'd choose versions 1 and 2.  Both are charming and look cool and comfortable for a hot summer evening.  Sadly, this pattern is not my size--but maybe it's yours, and if you'd like to own it, you can find it in my etsy shop (uncut and factory folded!)

Next, this fantastic hoodie dress: Simplicity #9305, from 1971--although I don't think it looks dated one bit.

The shorter length would make a perfect cover-up for summer days at the pool.  You could make up the longer version for the winter months.  This pattern is also available in my etsy shop.   I'm going to try to find a similar pattern in my size to make for myself!

Now, for those of you who have jobs where you can't wear yoga pants or swimsuit cover-ups, here is a good option for work, Butterick #3080:
I like the sleeveless top and skirt combo quite a bit; the cardigan option is nice if you work in a place with ice-cold air conditioning.  I find skirts cooler and more comfortable when the weather is warm.  Not sure exactly what year this pattern was published, but my guess is circa 1974.

For you sporty types, here's a cute look from McCall's:
Oh, the pantskirt.  I've come across quite a few of these online and have several in my stash, and most of them look a bit silly by today's standards.  But I think this one is cute and it's nice to preserve one's modesty--there's far too little of that these days.

Happy summer to you!

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