Thursday, May 5, 2016

What Should I do with Sunbonnet Sue?

In 2014 I shared a few of the quilts that I have from my mother's family.  When I wrote about rescuing quilt blocks earlier this week, it reminded me of this quilt:
My great-grandmother might have made this quilt.  My mom wasn't sure so we will just assume that she did, because my grandmother didn't sew.  Anyway, you can see that this quilt has some damage.  Most of it is towards the top of the quilt:
However, there are some holes as well as some mended/darned areas throughout:
There's a patch on the bottom corner:
My original idea was to take the top apart, get rid of the yellow sashing & border, and make a new quilt.  Now that I've seen the condition of the white fabric with the appliqued Sues, I'm wondering if it wouldn't be better to simply cut around the Sues and go from there?  The Sues are in good condition and I'd like to save them.  The way this quilt is now, it will just remain safely tucked away in a tote in my sewing room closet and that seems like a shame.  If I salvage the good parts, it could be a new quilt that could be used or even a few pillows too.  I like the idea of working on something that my great-grandmother made; she died when I was only four so I really don't remember her at all.

So what would YOU do with this quilt?  I'd love to hear some other ideas!

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