Monday, March 21, 2016

Fabulous 40s Apron

This weekend's project:
Simplicity #1837, circa 1944
I scored some sweet vintage apron patterns from ebay and etsy recently.  I loved the wide straps on this one.  I haven't seen one where the straps cross in the front before.  Here's my version:

This fabulous floral & dot print is from JoAnn's.  It took just about all of the two yards I had to make the apron.  I did 2 pockets instead of just one; the more pockets, the better, in my opinion.  I would have preferred a contrast pocket, but I didn't have any suitable fabrics on hand.  I might make this pattern again and do just that.

I "adjusted" the pattern a bit to suit my skill level and personal preference: the pattern called for the straps to cross in the back and attach to the waistband/ties via buttons....which naturally demand buttonholes, and I don't do those.  When I tried the apron on before finishing it, I liked the straps better un-crossed, so I pinned and stitched them that way.  It works just fine.  The pattern also included embroidery instructions, which I omitted.  This print doesn't really need any embellishment anyway.

Love the retro style!  As a friend said, she can easily imagine this over a crisp white blouse, with a skirt and anklets.  Exactly!

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