Wednesday, May 21, 2014

I love spring: photo edition.

Spring tends to get very busy.  Here's what's been going on around here in recent weeks:
A small quilt for a small boy. 
Small boy with a shirt full of small pockets for "pockets" day at preschool (you can't see them all in the picture but I managed to get 24 little pockets on this little shirt--and for some reason that made me very proud of myself!)
A furniture painting project in progress.  This Annie Sloan Chalk Paint is just awesome.
Someday this will get quilted.  Someday. 
It finally got warm enough so that our hostas could make an appearance. 
This year I am attempting veggies: peppers and one tomato plant.  We'll see what happens.  Gardening is a bit like gambling for me--I have no guarantee of good results.  If I can get one decent tomato and one pepper I will be pleased. 
And of course, one important thing I do each May is decorate at the cemetery.  I enjoy doing this.  My grandparents are in a small country cemetery in Grundy County, near where they farmed, and I always find it to be a peaceful place. 
And of course, spring also means I am busy making stuff for the Downtown Des Moines Farmers Market!  I'm so pleased that I am part of this event.  It's a great Des Moines tradition and if you've never been, you should.  There's so much there to see, so much good stuff to eat, and such a diverse group of people.  I'll be there for the next three weeks in a row if you'd like to say hi.  I'll have lots of new journals as well as a few other things.  Such as this:
In case you're keeping track, this is Nancy Drew quilt #4. 
Happy spring to you.  Enjoy the sunshine. 

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