Monday, March 3, 2014

Sunbonnet Babies

Around 1950 or so, my mother received this adorable quilt as a gift from her grandmother (my grandma's mother, Edna ).  It is so sweet that I think it's worth sharing here:

This is probably my favorite out of all the quilts we have.  The colors are wonderful--still so bright even though this quilt is 64 years old!  The workmanship is beautiful; I can only assume this, but I would guess that my great-grandmother did much of the sewing by hand.  Here's a closer look at the stitching:
I love how she did the applique in black thread to outline the figures.  And just look at the quilting...all I can say is Wow!  My hand-sewing skills are barely adequate at best and I can't imagine having the patience to do something like this. 

This quilt is sized for a child at about three feet wide by five feet long.  It's been well-cared-for and I'm so glad that we have it.  I imagine that my great-grandmother took great joy in making this for her only granddaughter. 

Thanks for looking!

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