Thursday, February 20, 2014

Pillow preview!

I should be loading up my vehicle with all my inventory and gear for the craft show tomorrow--but if you live in or near Des Moines, you know why I'm not!  Yes, another lovely winter storm.  So, I thought I would use this time to share just a couple pictures of some of the pillows I will have for sale this weekend at the show being held over at the state fairgrounds' Varied Industries building.  Because the show must, and will, go on!  Here's a peak at a few pillows:
These are two of my favorites, because the fabrics I used for these covers are both old and new; the floral panels featured on each pillow cover is from a set of linen/cotton dinner napkins or table runners--I'm not sure which--that may have been a wedding gift to my parents back in 1973.  They've never been used; I've had them for quite a few years.  I must have come across them at some point and snatched them up because I thought they were pretty.  Good thing I did.  I love how they work with these modern fabrics. 
And, of course I have a few Nancy Drew pillows:
You can probably tell that in this picture they're displayed in a nice old suitcase, which I found at Goodwill just the other day; it is lined in vinyl so I could clean it, and now it's a perfect piece for my show display.  Very handy. 

I'll have plenty of journals and some collages in my booth as well, and would love to see you if you're in the mood to brave a little bit of snow.  Thanks for looking! 

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