Monday, November 14, 2011

A bit of word art to inspire

This has been my favorite project/new product the last two months.  Yes, it's the same John Lennon quote I quoted in my last post.  I think about this every day.  Career update:  I'm happy! 

This project is simple, if a bit time-consuming.  The good part is it is easily broken down into steps.  If you decide to make one yourself, be forewarned: stamping such a long quote will leave your fingers stiff and black with ink. 

I use a 16 x 20 size canvas.  Have fun with some acrylic paint and make a background.  I like to make some different layers/patterns with bubble wrap and whatever else I happen to have lying around.  You'd be surprised what you can find in your junk drawer that could come in very handy in your art projects!  While your paint is drying, you can work on stamping your quote.  I used these stamps:
I picked these up a while back at Half-Price Books for five bucks and I love them, absolutely love them.  I love vintage typewriter font.  Because yes, I'm old school, and remember using a typewriter. 
So you stamp, and stamp, and stamp some more until your hand almost hurts, and then you're finished.  Then comes the fun part, which is cutting up your words and arranging them on the canvas.  Then it's time to glue:
Lots of options for glue.  I happen to love Claudine Hellmuth Studio matte medium.  But I can also use matte Mod Podge if I have to.  But I don't love it.  But it works just fine.  Sorry, Mod Podge.  Just a personal preference.  I pretty much use Studio matte medium for all my collaging and recommend it highly.  And no, I'm not paid to do that (unfortunately!). 

After your glue has dried, the final step, which might not be absolutely necessary, but is something I like to do, is adding a coat of glazing medium.  It will protect your piece, and yes, make it shiny.  You could use another layer of matte medium or a spray matte finish if you don't like shiny. 

I like word art because I like having visual reminders of what's important to me. 

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