Saturday, August 6, 2011

Big News!

Something very exciting happened a few days ago.....
I travelled south to Osceola to King's Canyon Fine Art and am proud to say that my journals and cards are now available there.  King's Canyon is a wonderful place to visit; there is a wide variety of gorgeous art and handmade items by many Iowa artists.  And they serve delicious lunches, Tuesday through Saturday.  You can find out more on at  If you like them on facebook, you'll even get their weekly lunch menus.  I had a great time talking with Sara King and her mom, Cheryl, on Tuesday.  Sara even invited me to teach a class this!  I am very excited about that.  I am really lucky to meet people like Sara, who I met last year at the East Village Sunday Bazaar, which I am looking forward to doing again this year every Sunday during September and October. 

The other big news will be in your Sunday, Aug. 14 edition of The Des Moines Register.  I am going to be featured in the "Handmade in Iowa" series, which has featured several people I know from Market Day and as well as the ladies of Ephemera, so I feel quite fortunate to be in such good company!

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