Saturday, August 20, 2016

Estate sale treasure: patterns!

I've been so busy enjoying the last days of summer break, I've neglected the blog lately.  This morning I went to an estate sale in nearby Pleasantville and scored some sweet vintage patterns!  They were sold as a lot (39 in all), an I scooped them up after looking at just a few.  Lots of goodies in the box so thought I would share:

Most were from the early 1970s and in excellent condition:

There was even a fun his & hers necktie pattern, copyright 1972:

I was more than happy with the 70s patterns, but lo and behold, there were two extra-special treats nestled in the box:
This "housedress" pattern is circa 1948.  I've never seen it before so even more fun!  Forties patterns are getting a bit more scarce, so this was a great find.  Almost as good as...
This darling DuBarry pattern is copyright 1940.  I was thrilled to find it because I haven't had any DuBarry patterns in my collection yet.  The instructions are missing, but all the pattern pieces are present.  This is a "housecoat" or "housedress" if you can believe that?  Today, when people find it acceptable to go out in public in their pajamas, this is almost formalwear!

All of the above patterns are (or will be very soon) available in my etsy shop.

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