Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Around the house

This spring, we moved into a beautiful mid-century brick ranch.  It needed a bit of cleaning up and TLC, but it is a beautiful home and I love, love, love it.

Because it has a mid-century modern design (it was built in 1957), I strongly feel we should enhance that with MCM furniture.  So I was delighted to find this adorable rocker at a local garage sale a couple of weeks ago:
This darling chair is from 1967.  It's in great shape.  It's just the right size for me.  And it goes perfectly in the living room.  Perfection for only ten dollars.

Outside the house, we have a fabulous back yard.  When we moved in it was overgrown but I did a lot of weeding and planted some stuff.  Gardening is a bit like gambling for me, my skills are improving but still somewhat hit or miss.  Things seem to be growing pretty well.
It's been a challenge to work in the yard due to the power of the mosquitoes this year.  They are absolutely crazy-bad.  But we spray and fog the yard so we can still enjoy our backyard oasis.  Maybe someday we'll add on a sunporch.
Something else I love about our house is that it's a walkout, and since I work in the basement, I'm just a few steps away from my beautiful backyard oasis.  Also it's so nice to have windows in my studio.  I have so much more room to make a nice, messy mess, too.  Maybe someday I'll get the studio "finished" and share some pics here, but for now, it's definitely a work in progress.

Enjoy what's left of summer.  I know I will.  It's the most wonderful time of the year.

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