Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Some Are Small: mini album for my little man.

Yesterday was a special day, because Jacob was Student of the Week at preschool.  He'd been waiting for this day: a while back he'd expressed his worry that he would not get to be Student of the Week.  So we chose a couple of his favorite things to take to school to show the class (his Curious George storybook and his favorite board game, Candyland) and we were also supposed to send a few photos for him to share.  I decided he shouldn't just take photos to school, but rather a photo book. 

I had a stack of his paintings that I hadn't used on scrapbook layouts or calendar pages yet, but of course I couldn't just toss his masterpieces in the recycling bin.  So I used his paintings as the pages for his book.  For the album covers I used a 1950s reader called Some Are Small.  Perfect for a book about a 4-year-old. 

Here's a look inside:
This book is very simple.  I may go back and add some more journaling, but mostly it's just photos and his paintings.  I organized it by season with some leftover file tabs from folders.  I folded his paintings in half, secured them with double-stick tape, trimmed them to fit, and bound it.  Quick and easy.  Jacob really likes it.  He enjoyed sharing it with his class.  Nothing fancy, but something we will continue to enjoy. 

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