Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Inventory in Progress!

Hitting it hard now that our visitors from California have left us (the house feels unusually empty with only three humans and three cats....funny how quickly I got used to having three extra people in the house), getting some journals ready in order to replenish my inventory for next month's Market Day and my etsy shop, in addition to keeping the shelves stocked at the wonderful shops who sell my journals. After a few requests for Trixie Beldon at last month's Market Day, I got lucky on one of my thrift-store jaunts and found a few vintage Trixies! I should have a few on my table at Market Day in August, and I sent one down to Pure Paper recently too. I also have some yummy new papers that I'll be using for the inside of the journals.
AND some great vintage bingo cards just waiting to become Bingo Books.

So whenever I'm not at work, or outside playing with my little man, or doing laundry, I'll be tearing up old books, cutting, pasting, binding...oh what fun!

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